Copy Dealers – Manufacturer Specific Demonstrations

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Each Manufacturer Specific demonstration page has a series of short movies designed to be played in order, or can be accessed individually

  • About 30 minutes in total on each page

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Summary of what you'll see on your manufacturer specific demonstration page:

  • Where to find an extra $250,000 in service department profit per year
  • Service department challenges - factors contributing to the decline in 'natural' service traffic
  • A quick refresher outlining ALL your service sales opportunities
  • Why it takes more than a 'list of services with a price'
    • Discusses why a simple menu list of services with a price isn’t enough to be effective
  • Present time and mileage based maintenance services in 3 key areas of your process
    • Intro to the 3 places that maintenance presentations should be made
  • Correct and accurate maintenance presentations start with the correct data
    • Discusses normal vs severe recommendations
  • Help your customers understand the NEED for and BENEFIT of all required maintenance services...the right way
    • This is the primary online menu demo
  • How to make it happen in your dealership
    • Summary of the training and support that will help you maximize :
      • Sales
      • Profit
      • CSI
      • Customer retention

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