Steve Kwiatkowski
President and Founder

The President of Liqqid Service Menus, Steve Kwiatkowski, is a expert in virtual sales and training technologies.  He has been developing and creating virtual sales presentation and training programs since 1984.

Mr. Kwiatkowski was the creator of the first talking Virtual F&I programs in auto dealerships, first installed in 1995, and the first talking Virtual Service Drive programs, and model specific menu-selling program installed in 2003.

Over the years, he and his staff have worked both virtually and on-site, with thousand’s of dealerships, and dealership sales and management staff, throughout the United States and Canada.

Sales agents and remarketing partners cover every corner of the United States and Canada.  These partners represent a high level of expertise in their own right, and bundle the Liqqid Technology and Training Solutions with onsite training and implementation programs.

It’s this combination of expertise and talent up and down the line that produces the great results that Liqqid clients see from the exciting use of virtual technology.

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Steve Kwiatkowski
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