Services Sell Themselves
“My advisors don’t have to sit there and explain for 10 minutes…it sells itself”
It’s an Easier Sell
“The biggest advantage…is that the customer sees what they’re getting…it’s an easier sell”
Customers Buy More
“With our big increase in no-contact appointments, being able to easily send the entire presentation to a customer is a big advantage…customers simply buy more”
Customer Satisfaction Rises
“The customers understand it a lot better…the service advisors feel a lot more relaxed…makes it a lot easier for us to do business”
Profit Increases Dramatically – Immediately
“I’ve increased my monthly bottom line by $25,000 in the first 2 months.”

A Great Service Lane Process = A Great Customer Experience

Establish a Professional And Complete Service Lane Selling Process

Do You Have Any Gaps in Your Process?

There are 3 elements of a Service Lane Selling Process:

  1. The Process itself: What is ‘supposed’ to happen in a progression of steps
  2. Compliance to the Process: What percentage of time does each step of the Process actually happen
  3. Quality of each Step: How well is each step of the Process performed

Any gaps in your Process, means that the next step is more difficult to execute…a great Process is smooth and easy for both your advisors and customers…each step logically setting up the next so that both your advisors and customers know what to expect.

Anything That You Could Improve On?

Once a Process is established, the next step is for your staff to follow the Process…Compliance to the Process…and then ultimately how well they perform each step….the Quality of each step.

In order to do that easily and smoothly with every customer,  your staff will need the Tools and Training to be able to effectively and efficiently do what we’re asking them to do.

The result is a dramatic increase in Service Sales, Profit, CSI and Customer Retention

…and Delighted Customers that tell family, friends and social media contacts about their Great Customer Experience

Present Maintenance Services In 3 Key Areas

Pre-appointment Preparation

Are You Preparing For Your Customer Before They Come In?

If a customer has an appointment, ideally we’ll conduct a pre-appointment preparation to determine any additional time and mileage based required maintenance services that are due, or past due, or needed repairs from prior visits, that the customer should have done on their visit…as well as any outstanding recalls.

Why Keep It a Secret?

If we determine that there are additional services that should be performed, why keep it a secret?

  • …we’ll need to tell them anyway when they come in
  • …why ‘surprise’ them when we can get them the information ahead of time and give them an early opportunity to add it into their appointment
  • …particularly important if it’s a non-contact appointment
  • …the right tools allow you to do just that by generating an information package for your customer that explains:
    • what services are due, and past due
    • and also an explanation of the NEED for and BENEFIT of those exact services

The result is that a high percentage of customers will simply add additional services to their appointment even before they come in

…and customers ‘warmed-up’ to the idea that other services are due, makes it a lot more comfortable for your advisors to talk about the services, and easier for customers to buy 

Advisor Opportunity

Prior To Going Into The Shop Presentation?

Maintenance services that should be performed based on time and mileage, ideally are presented by the Service Advisor before the vehicle goes into the shop…if we have the right presentation tools we know what they are.

…why wouldn’t we tell them? …the customer would expect us to let them know

Need For And Benefit Of Those Services?

Since the customer didn’t request them, the odds are that they didn’t know about them…so it’s critical to ensure that they understand the NEED for and BENEFIT of those services, before we ask them to buy.

…the right presentation tools allow your Service Advisors to do just that

The result is that customers are much more likely to comfortably and easily buy these services

…much better than the often awkward ‘drop it in on them’ later as an ‘upsell’ ‘list-of-services-with-a-price’ from a technician inspection report

Active Delivery

Are You Preparing And Educating Your Customer About Their Next Visit?

With the right presentation tools it’s quick and easy to let a customer know what to expect on their next visit, before they leave.

…ideally we’d let them know about the time and mileage based maintenance services coming up next, along with the NEED for and BENEFIT of those services

Are You Building Your Sales Pipeline?

Done every time with with every customer, time and mileage based maintenance services simply become part of the next appointment

…the right presentation tools make it quick and easy to hand them a printed copy and/or send a copy to them via email even if it’s a non-contact appointment

The result is that your Delighted Customers are happy to come back

…and with recommended services already part of that next appointment, Service Sales, Profit, CSI and Customer Retention all jump up again 

Equip Your Staff With The Process, Tools & Training To Succeed

Improve Your Service Lane Selling Process

Here’s What We Can Help You With Right Away

  • Take a look at your current Service Lane Selling Process
    • Discuss any gaps that are there
  • Layout what an ideal Process would look like in your dealership
  • …and what type of increase in Sales and Profit that you can expect

Establish Priorities For Improvement

We’ll work with you to determine the priorities for improvement that will give you the biggest and fastest improvement in your Customer Experience and Sales, Profit CSI and Customer Retention goals

…and make it happen with a plan and timeline that is:

  • realistic for your dealership
  • with your staff
  • with your available resources
  • and what you want to accomplish

The results are dramatic with tangible improvements that start right away, and continue to improve as your Great Process simply becomes your ‘Way To Do Business’

…ultimately smooth and easy, day after day, for both your staff and customers

Improve Your Service Sales Presentation Tools

Setup Online Service Menus And Presentation Tools

Your service advisors will need the proper tools to succeed, setup the right way to make the right presentation to your customers

Our Online Menus are already pre-loaded with your Specific Manufacturer Service recommendations….easy to customize and add in your dealership recommendations…your service pricing setup is quick and simple with an online editor that allows you to make instant changes and updates.

Manager And Advisor Onboard Training

Working with your advisors to comfortably know how to use the presentation tools properly, and when to use them most effectively, ensures both short and long-term success.

Live online training sessions with each individual service advisor and manager ensures that the information that they receive is applied properly to your exact environment and service lane selling process

…and the priorities for improvement and goals that you have determined to be ‘the plan’

The result is service advisors that become engaged early, see immediate success, and continue to improve

…their Service Presentation Tools are simple, quick and easy to use, day after day, to produce great results and Delighted Customers

Ongoing Reporting, Training And Support 

As Much Or As Little As You’d Like

Once you’re setup and running, the level of ongoing training and support is up to you…some dealers just want a great Online Service Menu…others prefer ‘another set of eyes’ to work with their staff to maximize results.

…we’ll get everything fine-tuned to your exact needs, from light contact, through a range of Online options, or even Onsite if you prefer

How To Get Started

The most popular way to get started is our Online Service Menu program, combined with our Premier Level of Online Training and Support…our month-to-month agreement allows you to make any adjustments along the way as your needs change and evolve.

In addition, over 5 hours of Service Sales Training online courses with progress tracking are available to your staff…a combination of short movie modules and longer workshops ensure that your managers and service advisors always have the information that they need to succeed and grow.

The result is a dramatic increase in Service Sales, Profit, CSI and Customer Retention, that not only ‘sticks’ but continues to improve

…and Delighted Customers that tell family, friends and social media contacts about their Great Customer Experience

Deliver a Great Customer Experience

And The Numbers Take Care Of Themselves

Look forward to an immediate $20-50 profit increase per Customer Pay RO

We’ll show you where it is and how to make it happen

Contact us to get started, for any questions or to setup an online meeting for more details