Give Your Staff What They Need to Succeed

Here’s what we can help you with right away: 

Setup an online Process Review meeting

  • Take a look at your current Service Lane Selling Process
    • Discuss any gaps that are there
  • Layout what an ideal Process would look like in your dealership
  • …and what type of increase in Sales and Profit that you can expect

How to Make it Happen

Review your current service lane selling process

Details on how to Score Your Current Service Lane Selling Process are on this page

Establish priorities for improvement and timeline

Not everything can be done right away…our selling system experts will work with you to determine the priorities for improvement that will give you the biggest and fastest ‘bang for the buck’

…and make it happen with a plan and timeline that is:

  • realistic for your dealership
  • with your staff
  • with your resources
  • and what you want to accomplish

Setup online service menus and presentation tools

Your service advisors will need the proper tools to succeed, setup the right way to make the right presentation to your customers

…your specific maintenance service pricing setup is fast and easy with an online editor that allows you to make instant changes and updates.

Advisors online courses with progress tracking

How to use the presentation tools properly, and when to use them most effectively ensures that your service advisors become engaged early, see immediate success, and continue to improve.

Our online courses are a combination of short movie modules and longer workshops to ensure that your managers and service advisors always have the information that they need to succeed and grow.

Individual online training with each manager and advisor

As the online courses provide the educational structure, individual, live online training sessions with each individual service advisor and manager ensures that the information that they receive is applied properly to your exact environment and service lane selling process

…and the priorities for improvement and goals that you have determined to be ‘the plan’.

Daily, weekly, monthly monitoring and coaching

Daily: Menu activity report in each manager and advisor email inbox each morning along with a daily review commentary on any highlights from your dedicated system selling specialist

Weekly: Manager review summary with weekly highlights and recommended focus based on results

Monthly: All priorities, timelines and training are updated based on results:

  • Update and document the improvement in service lane selling process and customer experience scores
  • Reset the priorities for improvement and timeline
  • Review the service presentation tools setup and make adjustments based on results
  • Update online course recommendations for the coming month
  • Individual, live online review with each manager and advisor
  • Daily, weekly, monthly monitoring and coaching

Email or call with any questions

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