Great Service Lane Process = Great Customer Experience

Score Your Current Service Lane Selling Process

There are 3 elements of a Service Lane Selling Process:

  1. The Process itself: What is ‘supposed’ to happen in a progression of steps
  2. Compliance to the Process: What percentage of time does each step of the Process actually happen
  3. Quality of each Step: How well is each step of the Process performed

Score your Current Process and Customer Experience with this Online Process Review 

  • Short Review: Score each step of your Current Process…this will give you a Score for your Process
  • Expanded Review:  In Addition, Score the current Compliance in each step of your Current Process…this will give you a Customer Experience Score
  •  Liqqid Dealership Process Review – PDF Print Version

Do You Have Any Gaps in Your Process?

Anything That You Could Improve On?

If so, the ‘trick’ is to determine the priorities for improvement that will give you the biggest and fastest ‘bang for the buck’

…and make it happen with a plan and timeline that is:

  • realistic for your dealership
  • with your staff
  • with your resources
  • and what you want to accomplish

Take a few minutes to see what that would look like for your Dealership

A Quick Process Review Summary

Appointment Setting

How are inbound appointment calls handled – Service Appointment Coordinator / BDC / Advisors / Other?

Are appointments assigned to individual Service Advisors?

Pre-appointment Preparation

Is there a day-before review of customer history and other time and/or mileage based maintenance services due or past due?

If other services are due or past due, is this information sent to the customer in advance of the appointment?

Primary Opportunity

Is a Walk-around performed when the customer comes in to determine any other obvious needs?

If so by whom?

Advisor Opportunity

Does the Service Advisor present all time and mileage based maintenance services that are due or past due before the vehicle goes into the shop?

If so, how do they determine and present that information?

Technician Opportunity

Are any needed repairs as determined by the Technician Inspection returned to the Service Advisor in ‘1/4 time’?

How immediately and by what method are needed repairs presented to the customer?

Active Delivery

When the customer picks up their vehicle, does the Service Advisor review all upcoming time and mileage based maintenance services that will be due on the next visit?

Does the Service Advisor set the next service appointment at that time?