Dealers – * On Demand * – Manufacturer Specific Workshops

Manufacturer Specific Online Workshops - 30 Minutes

In our Workshops this week you will learn:
• Where to find an extra $250,000 in service department profit per year
• Service department challenges - factors contributing to the decline in 'natural' service traffic
• A quick refresher outlining ALL your service sales opportunities
• Why it takes more than a list of services with a price, driven by spiffs to be successful
• Present time and mileage based maintenance services in 3 key areas of your process
• Correct and accurate maintenance presentations start with the correct data
• Help your customers understand the NEED for and BENEFIT of all required maintenance services...the right way
• How to make it happen in your dealership

...any questions, just drop me an email or call my direct line:

Steve Kwiatkowski
843-388-8077: Direct dial

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  • You’ll be watching specific presentation examples for the manufacturer channel that you register for

If your specific manufacturer is not listed, or you are an independent repair shop, the GM Webinar is a good one in general to watch

  • And/or let us know about a more specific one that you'd like to see along with your contact information and we'll send along a direct link